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It has been suggested that this template should be merged with Template:Other date. (Discuss)

This template allows to specify "circa" for a date, in a format that is localizable.




Parameter name Description Default value required or optional?

parameter #1 (1) year empty required
parameter #2 (2) month empty optional
parameter #3 (3) day empty optional
parameter #4 (4) language code (only needs to be provided if the language shall be fixed and independent of the user's preferences) value of {{int:Lang}} optional

Additional information

The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: all namespaces

The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

Relies on:
{{date}}, {{LangSwitch}}

See also

{{Lifetime date}}


To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{LangSwitch|}}" construct. It takes the form "|xx=Your translation" (xx being the code of your language)

The template is similar to one of the options of Template:Other date, but causes a smaller expansion depth, thus avoiding the "expansion depth limit exceeded" error occurring on some pages transcluding that other template.

If parameters 2 and 3 are empty or undefined, parameter 1 can contain not just a year but any text. In this case the local term for "circa" is prefixed or postfixed, depending on the language, but the text is not changed.


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Code Output
<code> {{circa|1999|2|3}}