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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Category properties (see that page for the template itself).
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.



(optional) a description of the current category
|show info= 
(optional) values may be
“taxon info” (hidden category:Taxon category is set) or
“icon info”
|show logos= 
(optional, comma separated list) specified icon/logo for show info
|parent category= 
(optional) a parent category
|move to category= 
(optional) relocate all content of this category to another one. Input possibilities:
  • New category” → displays a default text
  • New category: reason explaining as long text why this category should be moved” → displays a default text + the given reason
|has filters= 
(optional, comma separated list) a set of filters
|has default form= 
(optional) specify a form name to be used in this category
|show form= 
(optional) show specified form (for names see also category: Forms)
|show form autocompletion=
(optional) value may be “yes” add autocompletion
|show search box= 
(optional) show a search box
|show index links= 
(optional) show a link index of letters (A B C D etc.)
|show images in subcategories= 
(optional) show a media form subcategories as collapsible box
|sort by epithet= 
(optional) a category named “Genus species-epithet” becomes sorted in reversed order, i.e. sorted after “species-epithet Genus”
|display title= 
(optional) format the displayed page title
|is internal category= 
(optional) mark category as __HIDDENCAT__
|template query taxonomic databases= 
(optional) use of {{query taxonomic databases}} here

Technical dependencies

Icon infos: