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Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act warning
This work, which was made after November 1, 1990 and depicts one or more actual human beings engaged in sexually explicit conduct—including but not limited to "lascivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person" (USC 18 § 2256)—has record-keeping requirements in the United States under the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act (18 U.S.C. 2257). Any content reuser in the United States who "publishes, reproduces, or reissues" this work and also qualifies as a "secondary producer" under this Act must document the age and identity of all performers depicted, or face penalties of up to five years in prison per infraction. Wikimedia Commons is not obligated to keep these records and is not responsible for failure to acquire records by content reusers. The scope and constitutionality of this law are very unclear - see meta:Legal and Community Advocacy/Age Record Requirement for further information.

This notice is only a warning, and the absence of this notice should not be interpreted as indicating an absence of any legal obligations.

Notes: This tag should not be used for mere nudity. Sexually explicit images of minors should be deleted and reported.

NOTE: Please do not use this template directly! This is just for translation. Use {{2257}} instead!