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Make your voice heard. Check whether you're eligible to vote, then find your favorite. Click the Vote for this image button.png button for your favorite image and you'll be done! Every vote counts and you may only vote for ONE PICTURE in this round.



Help us spread the word across Wikimedia about Picture of the Year. Mention it on a social network below. Post on your local village pump.

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We want feedback! How can we make Picture of the Year better for next year? What went well and what needed work? The organizing committee welcomes and appreciates your opinion. You can leave a comment on our feedback page.

Voting is closed. Thank you for your collaboration. Please don't vote anymore! Last day was 7th June 23:59 (UTC).

  1. Check whether you're eligible to vote.
  2. Look at the images and pick your favorite.
  3. Click the Vote for this image button.png button underneath your favorite.

You may only vote for one picture in this round.

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