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{{{2}}} (Not eligible for votingSUL)

Template that marks an ineligible vote. Can be localized using {{LangSwitch}}.

How to use
Replace {{2009POTY/Vote}} with this template, and you can strike the vote.
  • Put a colon (if through votes) or 2 colons (if in the first line)
  • Put user's name in {{{1}}}
  • Put user's signature in {{{2}}}

Through votes, add 1 colon ( : ) just after the sharp ( # ):

  1. the previous vote
    User's signature (Not eligible for votingSUL)
  2. the next vote
#: {{2009POTY-ineligible|Username|User's signature}}

If the vote is the first one, add 2 colons ( :: ) replacing ( # ) with:

User's signature (Not eligible for votingSUL)
  1. the next vote
:: {{2009POTY-ineligible|Username|User's signature}}

To make its use (especially for a non-native English user like me) easier a redirect Template:2009POTY/Vote-1 (redirect to this template) is also available.

::{{2009POTY/Vote-1|Username|User's signature}}
#:{{2009POTY/Vote-1|Username|User's signature}}