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Leptocorisa acuta Flickr.jpg
File:Leptocorisa acuta Flickr.jpg
Leptocorisa acuta Flickr2.jpg
File:Leptocorisa acuta Flickr2.jpg
Leptocorisa chinensis Flickr.jpg
File:Leptocorisa chinensis Flickr.jpg
Leptocorisa oratorius Flickr.jpg
File:Leptocorisa oratorius Flickr.jpg
Leptocorisa varicornis Flickr.jpg
File:Leptocorisa varicornis Flickr.jpg
Podsucking Bug on Dusky Coral Pea pod (4237080320).jpg
File:Podsucking Bug on Dusky Coral Pea pod (4237080320).jpg
Riptortus linearis IPM5368231.jpg
File:Riptortus linearis IPM5368231.jpg
Riptortus linearis NatureLoveYou.jpg
File:Riptortus linearis NatureLoveYou.jpg
Riptortus pedestris NatureLoveYou.jpg
File:Riptortus pedestris NatureLoveYou.jpg
Riptortus serripes Flickr.jpg
File:Riptortus serripes Flickr.jpg


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